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Writing InfoSec BlogPosts & Streaming takes time and requires a decent setup (and work-life balance). If you like the work done here and want to help me moving forward with new research & projects (thanks! ❤️ ), here are a few options!

More on this on the channel introductory video!

Wall of Support


  • ??????: Be the next sponsor & help me keep creating & sharing cool stuff!

  • Stream: Stranger Case through their association ASTRE
    • @Stranger_Case
    • First unsolicited stream sponsor, helping for a 2nd monitor ^.^
    • Stranger Case is an OSINT CTF focusing on interactions between players & staff playing various characters to Social Engineer!
      asso_astre stranger_case

  • Your name/corp have been forgotten?
    • Please reach out, it’s 99% chance an honest mistake
    • It really matters to me to thank the ones that made this possible
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