New York, Datadog and I - Week 2

Have you seen my home?

During the first week, I’ve been living with Tatiana and Mateo in a flat just below Central Park, the flat itself was really nice, but still had one problem: the building have a very strict guests policy. It was forbidden to sublease a room due to recent regulations in New-York (mainly because of RBNB’s overnight guests and… MONEY of course!). Each night, going back to the building was easy, but reaching the flat was pretty challenging. I had to either convince the doorman to let me in (different each day), or sneak myself inside. It was really stressful being unsure to have a home at night. The landlord was risking a 10 000$ fine for unregistered guests, so as soon as I heard about that, I left.

A wise man once told me:

I just want home to be a peaceful place.
- Mateo

I now live in Union City, New-Jersey. This is a bit farther from work (25mn by bus), but this is a really nice place, and the house is… Huge, zen, and with wood everywhere! Also, it features a cool Roommate French Chief (RFC) inside! =D

home_1 home_2 home_3 home_4 home_5 home_6 home_7 home_8

Do you even cook?

- Literally anyone

At first, I was wondering why everyone was precising “I like to cook”, or “We cook sometimes” in the apartment and housing announces. Now I know why. Here, almost no one cooks. People eat at the restaurant, or buy some cheap food on the go and don’t spend / ‘waste’ time eating or cooking. Pretty surprising, but in the other hand it leaves so much free time… A matter of choice, I guess? I’ll have to take care of what I eat, y’know, just in case… Most of the time, my friends, roommate and I eat a small breakfast, a good lunch, and nothing at night. Let’s see how it goes! =]

You said Free Wi-Fi?

One huge difference between any city in France and New-York is the network coverage and phone bill. You usually pay around 60$ a month to have 10Go internet here against 15€ for 50Go in France. Damnnnn! But here, there are free Wi-Fi everywhere. Every brand, every park, every avenue have its own Wi-Fi hotspot that you can access by giving your email (yup, sell your soul, they need logs D:). Even in the subway! That really helps when you just arrived and don’t have a working phone yet… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yoga, Salad, Walking and Minerals

Tatiana invited me to her Kundalini yoga course, that was quite fun, pretty relaxing, but to me this was too sport-centered and I was more in a relaxed mood so… Cool, but not enough to sign-in for a month! We then walked and had a huge mixed salad. We kept walking toward home when suddenly, a wild mineral appears!

mineral_1 mineral_2 mineral_3 mineral_4

In you we trust, please feel free to be happy

One of the things that I wasn’t expecting at all is the freedom we have at work. It’s been only two weeks, so it mayyyy change, but I really don’t think it will. There’s no tracking system, no schedule (a few meetings, but no real dead-line or mandatory hours). We can choose our own hours of work, and as long as we do the job, we are free to leave earlier, or later, or even not leaving at all if we want to. The only no-go is if our absence will block someone, that’s why we document everything we do, so someone can replace us if needed. This is clever, dope AF! The only thing tracked is the work done and the one that is left to do, but not who did what nor when. I like that.

As we all like that freedom so much, everyone is really doing their best to be able to preserve this freedom and make this company last long.

Psychology? You’re doing it right! \o/

Hey, how’s work?

Honestly? It’s really interesting!

After a first week spend entirely setting up my dev environment, I was finally able to work on something! Or… Was I?

I spent my whole week on a ‘simple’ problem, struggling more than I should have to make it more secure. Why? Because of testing of course!
They have so many components that interact with each other in different ways that they created some very fine tuned tests, for almost everything. But a simple computer isn’t able to hold the whole prod nor dev env. That’s why we use some CICD (Continuous Integration) pipelines in gitlab to run the tests remotely and automatically.

Still, I had some legacy code to refactor, no one knew if it was still used, and no test samples were collected (code from 2011). Refactoring some code without knowing precisely what it should do is NOT the way to go. Well, at least now I’ll define more precisely my objectives before trying to realize them! =]

Last minute update: My patch passed all the tests, my pull request will now be reviewed by a peer that will check if I haven’t introduced bad code (crossed fingers here) or security issues, and then we’ll merge that branch in prod.

What about the keyboard thingy?

I’m glad you asked! It sucks!!!
Both azerty and qwerty are more than OK keyboard layouts. But the transition from one to an other is HORRIBLE, not because of the layout itself, but because of the keyboard shortcuts. Yup.

With my azerty keyboard, I use CTRL+A all the time in order to select all the content of a file/field. The A is replaced by a Q on a qwerty keyboard… Do you know what happens on a mac while pressing CTRL+Q or CMD+Q? It exits the application, most of the time without prompting for confirmation. Thus I lived way too many times this sad scenario:

  1. “Please note these crucial information, you’ll need it and we won’t give it again.”
  2. Le me trying to select the information
  3. Le me realizing I just closed the application
  4. Le me face-palming one more time

Valentine’s day!

Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and I had my plan has been set two months ago! I reached a friend of Marine (currently in Sweden) so he could offer her three roses while I was in call with her. She didn’t knew about that, and…
It worked pretty well! =D


More pics

The building entrance and its strange yet cool screens!

entrance screens screen

A street art that I liked a lot:


Lovely grumpy coffee grains & food at work:

coffee food

A wild weed truck appears!


Snowy weather:
(I suck at taking good pictures, sorry…)


And a hat!


Have a freackin’ marvelous day, and see you soon! ^.^

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