New York, Datadog and I - Week 1

Before I start…

You’ve been quite a lot (I wasn’t expecting that much to be honest) to ask me for news. I’d like to spend hours speaking with each of you, but the thing is that with all I have to do during the first week (register into administrative stuff, open a bank account, get well in the place, start work, socialize a bit, recover some sleep, …) and the fact that I don’t have the right phone package yet. Mooore the small time window when we’re awake at the same time, I just can’t, it’s too much for the moment.

That’s why I’ll write everything here so you can read it when you have some time, and we can have time left for speaking about random life things, and not just me repeating the same thing over and over.

Makes sense? Cool!

If you read that, the odds are that you’re someone I really care for, so be well, have a great day, and remember that I love you even tho I’m far away! ;)

Datadog in New-York, why and how

So, as you may know, I’ve been into hacking since July 2017. I found a real passion here, and spent a lot of time learning it.
During the learning process, I had to meet many great people that I like to share tricks with, brainstorm, help or ask for help. One of the most bad-ass hacker I know is Geluchat. He is really efficient when it comes to breaking stuff, and also likes to share what he knows, mainly in his website DailySecurity.
He heard about this open position at Datadog (thanks his friends) and as he knew I was looking for an internship, he reached me and…

The application process took a bit more than a month.

  • Interview : Human resources and explanations
  • Interview : Company presentation + Technical cybersecurity questions / coding exercises
  • Interview : Technical cybersecurity questions / coding exercises
  • Black-box penetration testing of a web application
  • Interview : Internship subject with the Security Team Chief
  • Interview : “You’ve been hired!”

The travel

Datadog do have branches all over the world, but I applied for New-York, because one of Geluchat’s friends was already there, and also because I was really curious about this city, the American way of life and such. So… There I am, traveling to Manhattan!


So, in order to go there, I had two days between the end of my exams and the beginning of the internship. Two days to move all my stuff from Valence (FRANCE) to somewhere safe and reach Manhattan (USA). That was quite rough… But mainly because we also had to deal with snowfalls, yellow jackets protests in France, and some misunderstandings between my NYC host and I. That was HARD, but in the end, it went pretty well.


I’ve been able to spend a few hours with my aunt while in Paris, and as I’ll also use these articles as a souvenir, I’ll drop some random pics in from time to time. Enjoy the tiredness! :p


Here’s a pic of the first man I’ve talk with in the US, he helped me to find a free-wifi, book an Uber and find where I had to join him (EWR’s airport is quite huge… Oopsy!).


The job

The job description is the following:

First, you will learn the Datadog application and become familiar with the various workflows used by development teams as well as the security team. You will then assist with code reviews and design reviews, working closely with development teams to ensure that security is included in the Software Development Lifecycle process. You will continue to create and maintain automated code scanning software and testing frameworks as well as directly contribute code to production servers to detect or block application-level attacks. The technologies you will use during this time include (but are not limited to) AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Python, Go, Github, Gitlab, Serverless.

TL;DR: Review their code and development process in order to avoid being pwned. Also, the technologies used are things that I either know, or was planing to learn. The best part? They all work on Apple computers. Well, that’s not a pure LINUX style, but at least we’re not using windows all day long, so that is GREAT.

Day 1

Tons of conferences:


  • Introduced to the Datadog history, why it has been created, what’s its grow rate and such. What’s the core essence, the living way of life. (Really tolerant company, quite flexible with the dress-code, schedule and such, as long as it’s OK with your manager (which is almost always awesome!))
  • Security measures, what to do and avoid in order to stay safe, …
  • IT on-boarding: We receive macbooks pro and setup the huge ecosystem they use. It’s mainly the whole google cloud stack (drive, docs/sheet/slide, agenda, and maaaany others (50+ apps) but I don’t know yet what I can share or not. But the main idea is to use the google account as a main SSO tool, and link everything possible to it to make it complete)
  • Payroll and benefits -> No benefits for trainees, but I still went there to see what we can enjoy as a full-time employee and… That’s pretty huge!

Funny thing: There’s also free vending machines (giving machines?) for IT appliances, like cables, keyboards, mouse, Yubikey, …


We also had time to visit the place and meet our buddy (someone that isn’t in the same team as us, to enhance communication in the company, and also have a friendly face roaming around). Here’s my buddy, Piotr, from France too. He’s quite awesome, which is nice! We already planed to go on a parachute jump together!


Day 2 & 3

Getting familiar with the place, and setting tons of softwares and accounts up. Also, getting to talk with my manager and manager’s manager. Every meeting looks like making a new friend. Am I in heaven?

place_0 place_1 place_2 place_3 place_4

Random thoughts

New-York avenues are so huge, and so wide, that even when they are crowded, of full of cars, they’re still way less oppressing or stressful as Paris ones. It’s quite pleasant to walk in there, the buildings are really high, but still not an issue as we have much sunlight from the wide avenues. I really like this place ! =]


I had a small walk to Central Park in the Sunday afternoon, a small lake was completly frozen!


While speaking with Mateo (roomate) and Nora (friend from France), we were speaking about feelings and how sex if as seen girls or boys. Seen from a man perspective it was seen as a loaded gun, one shot, and that’s all, and from a woman, more like a volcano, power builts over time and then erupts. So… this gem went out:

“Ever tried to shoot a volcano with a gun? It wouldn’t do shit!”


Last fun fact of this article: At Datadog, we can use this place ‘as we want’ on a 247 basis. This means that at any time, day or night, work or weekends, if I want to, I can just bring a bunch of friends or even family, have a snack or share a few beers enjoying this awesome sight. How cool is that?!

sight_1 sight_2

Last words

As you may imagine, I like how life going is here. But I still miss you all so much. I’ll try to write such article (maybe a bit smaller tho) every week.

New life, new job, new gear… Same team!
❤ Aperi’Kube ❤


Have a great day/night/whatevet_you_like and see you soon!


New York, Datadog and I - Week 2
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