A question of standards?

Hello dear reader,

Today, I would like to talk to you about a deep subject, but in a very superficial way. I would like to talk to you about our society, the groups that are born, live and die in it. Groups, of course, but focused on the individuals who compose them, or who oppose to them.

As usual, I will try to share with you a way of seeing things: mine. So I definitely won’t be objective, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll keep, throw away, recycle…

To make it as clear as possible, I’m going to add two or three beautiful homemade diagrams using python and matplotlib hoping that they will give you a little touch of color!

In order to make you understand my idea, I need to define a few things beforehand. I know that many of you are avoiding mathematical rigour, so don’t worry I will do so with human-readable words:

Normal distribution: Everyone is similar, with a few exceptions apart Norm: Distance between an individual and the one who would be seen as “the most normal”. Average: What is most meaningful / tolerable for the majority of individuals

Despite these extremely precise definitions, there is still a difference between the mathematical aspect of these words and their use in everyday language.

Purists, be… Well, disappointed, huh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Enough talk to say nothing: ThereWeGo!

This first diagram represents a population. The first thing to note is that most individuals are placed in the center. That’s the notion of normal distribution, which makes everyone… Well…. Normal? Distributed? Makes sense, doesn’t it?….. >.>

A second interesting point is that it is impossible to represent all the criteria of a population on a single diagram. Here, we will focus on the place of individuals and not on their colour (huehue). In a nutshell, two individuals can share the same opinion while one is a 20-year-old metalhead dressed and made up in black and the other a 90-year-old granny dressed in pink with a pretty chapel. Sisi, it’s possible, I swear.

Finally, the large blue circle is what will be considered the norm. The radius of the norm circle computed to be twice the average. In other words, we are all different and form a group, a population. But we only consider as ‘normal’ individuals near the average sometime a bit farther.
“We’re not animals, huh? “


We will take two members of the group (pointed by an arrow), haphazardly, you and a relative. You are well, ‘normal’, accepted by the majority but not everywhere because we are all a little unique / different. Keep your positions in mind for the future.

We also see that despite a fairly broad, tolerant standard, there are still individuals who are sufficiently eccentric to be outside the circle, here, black and yellow at the top, yellow and orange on the left or black on the right.

These individuals are “out of the norm”, so they are often stigmatized and criticized for their differences.

What if… We removed them?

We are now among normal people. We’re so fiiine! No?



By removing abnormal individuals, the average will be recalculated, and therefore the norm too (always equals to twice the average). These modifications give us the following diagram:


Now you are out of the norm, you who were so well, so warm, in your element… Isn’t that sad?

Drama intensifies

Well, it’s not that dramatic, after all, people had this role before you, it’s not as if they were stigmatized, criticized, insulted on a daily basis.
Oh, Wait…

“Well, it’s all very nice your hippie stories there, but it doesn’t concern us, we don’t piss anyone off, we just want to be quiet and nobody to piss us off!”

Calm the F*ck down. Okay?! Thank you =]

Yes, indeed, if you read this article, it is because you are already (I hope) open-minded enough not to look for trouble with others for no reason.

But the point I wanted to make here is a little more nuanced than that. What I try to express is that you are (we are) the last walls to this drift. That your tolerance, respect and actions are the only things that allows us to maintain a flexible standard, a great diversity of thought, culture and hobbies in our society.

To accept to be a minority is fight to preserve a diversified population, and to protect the most vulnerable or influenced individuals by keeping them warm in the great blue circle.
Stay safe, take care & luv ❤

A Poppy Story
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