Reverse XSShell 2 min read - Feb 22, 2020 Having some fun playing with xss and websockets. A different approach to reverse shell and their contexts!
Infosec made easy 1 min read - Feb 3, 2020 I often end up speaking about infosec with friends that don't know much about this topic, and it can be a lot to handle at once, many complicated words, techniques, etc. So here's a glossary of the main attacks, but with weird descriptions!
Wordpress Subpath Auditor 5 min read - Jan 25, 2020 Introduction to Wordpress Subpath Auditor, a homemade tool that can be used to audit various components within a Wordpress installation. It relies on docker, git, php, wordpress, python, and virtualenv.
SSHrc and telegram apis 3 min read - Jan 17, 2020 Are your servers and bounces alone? Do you know what they do late at night? Who they hang out with when you're not around? Well, I do, and I'll tell you how to spy them! (TL;DR: Telegram api and sshrc)
Ngrok your DockerSploit 6 min read - Dec 15, 2019 Tired of broken tools? You broke your system frequently by installing random sh*t? So do I! Let's see how to use docker, metasploit, ngrok and aliases in order to simplify your life and keep your system alive while hacking the planet!
A linux caca story 4 min read - Apr 6, 2019 A few days ago, I realized that some '' file was present in my linux filesystem. As caca means poop in French and I'm pretty immature, I investigated. What I found was... Wonderful.
New York, Datadog and I - Week 3 to 6 7 min read - Mar 16, 2019 Third article about my trip to New-York. Datadog parties, cool rooftop, visiting with Marine, api endpoints sanitization, vagrant and ansible, finding a home AGAIN... And pics!
New York, Datadog and I - Week 2 6 min read - Feb 16, 2019 Second article about my trip to New-York. Finding a home, no one cooks, free Wi-Fi, work, keyboard, Valentine's day... And pics!
New York, Datadog and I - Week 1 6 min read - Feb 9, 2019 First article about my trip to New-York. Why, where, when, with whom, what surprised me, how it went... And pics!
ThinkLoveShare's migration 3 min read - Dec 9, 2018 Short introduction to the technologies used to build and maintain this website and a few words on why I changed.
GreHack 2018 6 min read - Nov 16, 2018 GreHack 2018 is an hacking event (conferences and CTF) that takes place each year at Grenoble in France. Last year was the first time I went to an event like that, this year, I bring you in !
CSAW - Algebra 2 min read - Sep 16, 2018 Miscellaneous challenge that encourage the CTFer to either code an equation solver, of use one already existing.
CSAW - Big boi 1 min read - Sep 16, 2018 Binary exploitation of a dummy command executor, simple buffer overflow of a function's parameters.
CSAW - Shell->Code 2 min read - Sep 16, 2018 Binary exploitation using linked lists in order to store parts of a shellcode in many places and then link their execution with jumps.
CSAW - Short Circuit 1 min read - Sep 16, 2018 Hardware challenge on paper! This task consists in getting the internal state of a (simple) circuit, bit by bit, and convert it to ascii texte.
Security Fest - Excess ess 1 3 min read - Jun 4, 2018 Web challenge about XSS and browser behavior. It's all about finding a bypass in order to execute a javascript function after its references has been removed.
PWN 4/4 : Stack Pivot ToZeMoon ! 7 min read - May 10, 2018 The basics of binary operation are normally acquired, let's go for a practical operation with a stack pivot!
PWN 3/4 : SaperliROPette ! 6 min read - May 9, 2018 Introduction to Return Oriented Programming (ROP) and practical example.
PWN 2/4 : Return at libc, pick a shell ! 8 min read - May 8, 2018 Introduction to Return to libc (ret2libc) and practical example.
PWN 1/4 : Buffer Overflow, where it all began 10 min read - May 3, 2018 Introduction to binary exploitation, ELF format and shellcode writing.
A question of standards? 4 min read - Apr 1, 2017 Reflection on the theme of tolerance, the norms of our society and what they imply.
A Poppy Story 4 min read - Mar 30, 2017 Writing exercise with a friend, aiming to be fresh and cute, about a poppy woman.
Reasoning without headache 7 min read - Mar 7, 2017 Reasoning is not simple and often leads to a headache or even stress. Here are some personal methods and advices that will hopefully allow you to better experience these research phases.